New Web Design – Not Just Another Pretty Facelift

Samantha Cornmesser

There’s a new look to the website and the new web design is more than just another pretty facelift. The new site features all of the ways you can increase your marketing reach with the most current technology and tried-and-true campaign strategies all in a highly interactive and informative format.

Since we provide marketing solutions for colleges and universities with everything from digital marketing to nurturing solutions to technology, it made sense to structure our site just as we would help our clients do.

What’s your marketing challenge?

The need for effective marketing in the higher education segment is more critical than ever. Along with the current COVID challenges, the high school populations are decreasing, and unemployment is rising. Questions are also rising.

Should the PPC budget increase or decrease? Is the nurturing campaign going to produce results? Is the messaging compliant with the new regulations? What new channels are producing results? What’s the best way to engage with high school students?

Questions like these and many more, are the foundation on which MDT Marketing based their design for the new website. We wanted to offer our clients and other institutions a resource to find answers to their marketing challenges.

Find the answers to your marketing challenges.

Much like a prospective student can differ in demographic and be marketed to differently, we know our clients have different campaign goals and budgets, so we have created landing pages for specific services, rather than a general one-size-fits-all site.

The new offers an interactive and informative user experience. With built in interactive technology and the ability to request tangible proof, you can research what services are right for you without having to pick up the phone.

Here are common challenges we hear about and where we suggest you start on

  • Decrease PPC cost per inquiry: Go to the Internet Advertising page. Ask for a free digital audit and browse through the 3rd party stats to some of the most popular platforms used by your targeted audience. The content can help your institution of higher education find new PPC channels to explore and the opportunity to capture an outside view of your efforts.
  • Enrollment optimization: Visit the EnrollBoost page. Find a hyper-personalized solution built to interact with the prospective student throughout their journey to choosing the right college. Now, get a first-hand view of how it works by filling out the form for a free EnrollBoost ‘test-drive’.
  • Uncluttered nurturing channel: Check out the Variable Data Printing page. Request a sample of the tangible engagement your institution could send to your prospective students and take the conversation offline. Don’t miss the test results of this proven channel showcased on the What We Do page.
  • Handwritten notes: Drop in on the Handwritten Postcards page. Discover a state-of-the-art technology that looks like actual handwriting. Don’t take our word for it, request a sample right from the page. Enjoy the ability to send personalized notes without the hand cramping.
  • Efficient and up-to-the-minute reporting: Go see the Insight Reporting page. Interact with the intuitive cloud-based dashboard at the bottom of the page and discover how you can have visual proof in real time. Better yet, send a request straight from the page to request a live demo.

No matter the challenge, our vision is to provide your intuition of higher education access to content that helps you find solutions that meet your goals.

Building an easier way.

This upgraded, client focused website was built to help you to start captivating prospective students through optimized digital advertising based on data, resonating with inquiries through personalized nurturing campaigns, and automating your return on investment reporting with insightful dashboards.

Whether you’re searching for a way to transform your chaotic world of data into actionable insights, maximizing SEO for branding recognition, or boosting student enrollment (or all of them), you can visit us at Or as always, we’re happy to start the conversation on the phone.

We’re passionate about making it easier for you to answer your questions. So, tell us, what’s your marketing challenge?