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Internet Advertising Management​

be where your audience is

Internet Advertising Management

be where your audience is

be found by your target audience

Get assistance from experts on which platforms offer the highest intent, pin-pointed interests, the best location for your budget, and which are worth testing for your specific programs.

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why Internet Advertising?


Be seen where your target market is. From Google, to Facebook, and other leading digital platforms, place your messaging on the right digital networks to reach your audience.

high intent

Search networks, led by Google, are the premier location to engage prospective students who have high intent to address their career goals.

trackable ROI

The wealth of data from Internet Advertising networks enables sophisticated ROI tracking.

why MDT?

get results

MDT's veteran staff have successfully engaged hundreds of thousands of prospective students since 1995.

total transparency

Direct access to your digital accounts and our automated reporting dashboard means you see the same data that we see.

own your accounts

Retain full ownership of any account we manage on your behalf. Don't jeopardize losing what is rightfully yours with agencies who own your digital advertising accounts.

can your audience find you?

Receive an extensive digital advertising audit today!