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automated enrollment optimization for
institutions of higher education.


automated enrollment optimization for
institutions of higher education.

meet them everywhere they are.

Build your relationship with a potential student through an automated, hyper-personalized, omni-channel, student-nurturing campaign.

EnrollBoost is completely customizable to your needs. From messaging to email deployment, you control the when, what, and where… and we deliver.

There’s no better way to understand the potential than trying it yourself. Take an EnrollBoost test-drive today!

why EnrollBoost?


Individual data is applied to customize every message to meet the unique needs of each prospect.

fully automated

No admissions training or manual intervention; it runs on its own, complimentary to admissions efforts.

proven results

Tried and tested by colleges nationwide. Try out the ROI calculator below to find out what your institution could
expect to see.

did we spark your interest?

Experience the engagement first-hand with a test-drive today.

learn how EnrollBoost works! 

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If the inquiry uses the email that is associated with their Facebook account they will start seeing your ad in their feed. The ad will be seen on all Facebook and Instagram accounts associated with that email, keeping your institution front of mind.

Inquiry receives a text message regarding their personalized email within mins of filling out a form and entering your database.

Throughout an eight day span, the inquiry is sent two separate direct mailings. First piece is mailed on day two of form submission. Second piece is mailed on day four.

A personalized landing page is created using the inquiry’s name and program of interest. The URL is sent via email within mins of filling out the form.

Throughout an eight day span two to three emails can be sent to the inquiry. First email is sent within mins of form submission with an introductory message and a personalized URL to a landing page with more information on the specific program they were interested in. Second and third emails are delivered to re-engage the prospective student and support admission’s efforts throughout day’s three to eight.