Don’t Flush Away Leads: Nurture Your Unconverted Inquiries

Dear MDT, Am I Flushing Money Down the Drain by Neglecting My Existing Unconverted Inquiries?

Many marketers are haunted by this very question. I won’t beat around the bush – YES, you are!

Your database is full of opportunity: about 90% of prospects who once reached out to your institution never enrolled. Just think of it, on average, every single student who didn’t enroll comes at a hidden premium of around 1,400 dollars, that’s money spent on prospects who didn’t convert.

And with most teams stretched thin, the follow-up isn’t always what it should be. Let’s assume you’ve spent $150 per inquiry, that would mean you’re leaving a whopping potential of $135,000 just lingering for every 1,000 inquiries. That’s a fortune waiting to be reclaimed!

Let’s put it to work and turn this missed opportunity into a significant boost in enrollments.

The Strategy: Robust Automated Nurturing

Nurturing is the perfect strategy. Yes, nurturing, but not just any kind. A robust automated nurturing campaign that resurrects interest, builds trust, and creates a bustling marketplace of enthusiastic minds ready and eager for what your institution offers.

This type of campaign is not a replacement for the work admissions is already doing, but a support system to make sure every prospective student gets the engagement they need. One of the greatest values of automated student nurturing is that it can be more cost-effective compared to the costs of fresh demand generation.

Drive Enrollment Growth

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Building on a Solid Foundation

Before we introduce you to our nurturing strategies, make sure you understand the crucial first steps in managing your data. Take a look at our foundational guide on Data Verification, Standardization, and Appending to ensure you’re making the most of your marketing efforts.

Unlock Enrollment Potential

Need to know more about building a robust automated nurturing campaign? Leverage your database of unconverted prospective students with our white paper –Boosting Enrollment Rates by Reverse-Prioritizing Marketing Resources

It packs a proven checklist to forge your nurturing campaign, plus a real success story that showed a boost of over 20% in enrollments.

So, dust off that lingering potential and put your database back to work! Dive into the treasure trove of insights and rediscover the prospective students in your database.

We are right here to guide you every step of the way. Got questions? We are all ears. Schedule a strategy session here.

Talk soon!