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Samantha Cornmesser

CECU welcomes Three New Members to the Board

On July 1, Mary Kelly, CEO of StrataTech Education GroupMikhail Shneyder, President and CEO of Nightingale College and Mitch Talenfeld, CEO of MDT Marketing officially began their terms on the Board of Directors of Career Education Colleges and Universities (CECU).

Both Ms. Kelly and Mr. Shneyder have had long and distinguished leadership roles working their way up through the ranks of career education institutions from around the country. Their combined knowledge and expertise will provide invaluable insight to the Board.

On the other hand, Mitch Talenfeld brings a very different perspective and experience to the association. Mitch’s journey as a staunch advocate for private-sector career education began years ago working in a marketing agency that specializes in student recruitment, most-recently intensifying after finally completing his own college degree.

After multiple unsuccessful attempts at the local community college, while juggling his own career, family and children, and a burning desire to complete his degree, Mitch changed course and enrolled in the one-class-at-a-time schedule offered by Keiser University. That is when he learned first-hand about the transformative power of the non-traditional career education colleges and their ability to change lives by catering to the unique needs of the students they serve.

At its core, Mitch believes that private-sector career education simplifies the process for students to become workforce-ready, which in turn makes it easier for students to attain credentials, certifications and college degrees that are required by most employers.

Speaking on his excitement in joining CECU’s board, he explained, “This incredible opportunity with CECU enables the three of us to be part of the national education platform that is leading the transformation and future trajectory of American career training and education. We will do everything we can to make the sector and the work we do better and fight hard to defend our students.”

Career Education Colleges and Universities (CECU) is a national voluntary membership organization that serves as the voice for the sector. Today, approximately 500 campuses across the nation are represented through their school’s membership.

Schools among the membership offer programs ranging from diploma and credential through Associate and Baccalaureate, equipping students with career skills – from allied health and nursing to mechanics, welding and the trades, culinary, cosmetology, truck driving and beyond!

CECU’s mission is to support the work of members in providing access, opportunity and quality education to students seeking new or enhanced career skills. The association engages in advocacy, communications, professional development and research that advance the work of this sector.

MDT Marketing is a leader in advanced digital advertisingstudent nurturing, and marketing technology solutions built exclusively for colleges & universities. An in house print production for personalized direct mail campaigns furthering the engagement with students, potential students, and a schools local community. The vision of the company is to inspire people to learn, organizations to innovate, and assist in the eventual democratization of education.