Revolutionizing EdTech: MDT’s New Personalized Video App

Revolutionizing EdTech: MDT's New Personalized Video App

In the dynamic world of educational technology, staying ahead means constantly evolving. MDT Marketing, in collaboration with LeadSquared, is proud to introduce a significant leap in this journey – our new Personalized Video App. Designed specifically for higher education institutions to enhance student communication during critical phases of their educational journey. This innovative tool is set to redefine the way educational professionals connect and communicate with their students.

The Need for Personalized Communication

In a digital era where personalization is not just valued but expected, educational institutions face the challenge of engaging students during the lead nurturing stage in a meaningful and individualized manner. Here, the Personalized Video App steps in, offering a fresh perspective on student outreach. The level of customization with the variable data driven videos keep prospective students engaged and connected, fostering a relationship that encourages them to progress in their educational journey. 

A similar approach was pioneered in our collaboration with Charter College, yielding significant improvements in student engagement and enrollment rates.Read more about the Charter College success story.

Streamlining Enrollment to Start

As students progress to the enrollment and start stages , the app continues to play a vital role. Personalized video messages can effectively orient and onboard new students, ensuring they are well-prepared for the beginning of their academic experience. This method mirrors the successful strategy implemented at Charter College, where personalized communication significantly improved the enrollment-to-start rates.

Seeing is believing. Experience personalized video yourself today!

Elevating Student Engagement with Personalized Video 

Personalized video is not just a communication tool; it’s a strategic asset in enhancing the student journey. By focusing on key phases such as Lead Nurturing and Enrollment, this app provides a seamless, personalized experience that supports students and strengthens their connection to the institution. The success seen with Charter College stands as a testament to the app’s potential impact.

Looking to transform your student communication strategy? Contact us today to learn how you can make a lasting impact in your students’ educational journey, just like Charter College. Schedule your call here.