My Experience Back at LeadsCon


After a 2 year hiatus, I was back at LeadsCon 2019. It was a different landscape from when I was there last. The State of The Industry panel was from the insurance and home security industries’ perspective. Soon into the panel, for a second, I thought I had time-traveled back a few years. The conversation was about a want for improving transparency, collaboration, reporting and the general understanding between lead buyers and sellers. The maturity of EDU in the lead generation space became clearer as the panel continued.

If I was on the panel, I’d have shared the below 5 concepts we developed in the EDU space:

  1. Use a lead management system
    1. This allows seamless feedback between buyer and seller, and helps ensure proper lead delivery to your set requirements
  2. Use a lead auditing system for managing both quality and compliance
    1. Find out more information and what happened before you receive the lead. Take action by setting filter to block certain criteria, or help optimize and/or negotiate
  3. Use a real-time dashboard reporting system
  4. Manage by ROI, not just cost per lead
  5. Best practices for working these competitive leads
    1. Speed to lead is critical
    2. Have an automated multi-channel lead nurturing system
    3. Educate your team on proper lead dispositions and the importance of frequent feedback to make returns

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