Google policy change brings transparency to AdWords

Partnerships and agency relations are always better when organizations are transparent with each other. According to a recent Google announcement, starting next month, agencies will no longer be able to charge their clients one lump-sum fee without disclosing the associated Google AdWords charges. In effect, this means agencies’ pricing models will no longer cloak the amount of money made from managing search engine marketing accounts.

With this welcome new level of transparency, you will finally be able to compare “apples to apples” when shopping for an agency to manage your PPC advertising. For those who did not know how much you were actually spending with Google and how much you were paying your agency, you will now know how much your agency is earning and be able to compare it with offers from other third-party providers.

Finally, transparency is being forced upon third-party Google Partners through their policy update, which in turn, should make it easier for you to understand what you are getting out of your search engine marketing expenditures.

A preview of the Google third-party policy can be found at: