Passionate People Building Relationships

MDT is a passionate team of leaders who believe in bettering the lives of their clients. So, we wanted to highlight Ted Greeley, MDT Account Services Director, for all behind the scenes work.

In the beginning…

Originally studying to become an on-air radio personality, Ted quickly realized he enjoyed the business’s marketing portion more than the crank calls he was doing as a morning show intern. He spent a lot of time engaging with the radio station’s sales team and found a passion for marketing. After finishing college, Ted went into marketing in the automotive industry as a media buyer.

Ted a few years ago…

With 13 years of marketing experience, it is no surprise that when you ask him what his favorite part is of his job is, he replies with “the problem-solving.” Ted looks forward to clients bringing a need or issue to him that he can solve with an out of the box idea.

When asked why he has worked for MDT for almost 10 years, Ted said, “It’s important to work for a company that is passionate about helping people.” Ted goes on to mention, “The team really cares about the outcome – to see it, just visit a campus and see the students making their lives more successful.”

We wrapped up our chat with an important question. What gives MDT clients an advantage? Ted quickly answered with, “We build partnerships first.” PS: Thank you, Ted, for all the support!

And now…

Don’t take our word for it…

Here is what a few of his admirers had to say:

Don’t take our word for it…

Here is what a few of his admirers had to say:

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