Boosting Enrollment Rates by 22%: An AIM Case Study Success

Ever wondered how a well-crafted enrollment nurturing campaign could skyrocket your institution’s enrollment rates?

Aviation Institute of Maintenance, or AIM, boosted their enrollment rate by over 22% running a campaign that ultimately delivered an ROI of over 10x.

How AIM Boosted Enrollments

How? They did it by building a sophisticated enrollment nurturing campaign, a fully automated process that engages all new prospects the moment they first inquire. This strategy incorporated essential elements for a successful campaign: automation, data cleansing, omnichannel outreach, an optimal touch count, prompt response times, and compelling content.

Now most of you are probably familiar with this concept, but you may not be familiar with the typical results when done well.  And AIM’s results are pretty typical.

Why Enrollment Nurturing Campaigns Work

Why is that? A well-built enrollment nurturing campaign goes a long way in supporting admissions’ ability to contact and engage prospective students, and that’s what makes it so impactful to an institution’s bottom line.  Yet it gets little attention from the vast majority of institutions we survey. It’s not unusual for us to see institutions exclusively focus their marketing resources on top-of-funnel, demand generation campaigns.  But if your institution is not optimizing your nurturing efforts or maybe isn’t doing an exceptional job of nurturing that demand, it’s a huge missed opportunity.  Your institution is likely losing hundreds of enrollments every year, which AIM discovered firsthand. Their journey wasn’t without challenges, but through testing, tracking, and data analysis, they found a balance between nurturing campaigns and demand generation that worked for them.

Real Value of Enrollment Optimization

So, what’s the real value of enrollment optimization and how do you do it in a way that drives enrollment growth, like it did for AIM? We’ve prepared a comprehensive white paper that covers all of this, including the AIM case study. You can download it here:

Also, for those math enthusiasts out there or math geeks like me, we’ve broken down our campaign testing process and provided step-by-step instructions on ROI calculations and cost-benefit analysis, so you can make an informed decision about where to invest your resources.  It’s a big consideration – investment between enrollment nurturing vs demand generation.

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Bottom line: Don’t overlook the power of a great nurturing campaign.  With the right investment, it’s going to move the needle.  And it’s one of the most efficient campaigns an institution can run.

Ready to boost your enrollment rates? Be sure to check out our white paper. If you have any more questions, we’re here to help. Take the first step towards transforming your institution’s enrollments. Talk soon!