Boost Engagement and Conversion Rates with Compelling Content

Dear MDT: My marketing emails suck. What do I do?

Well…first step is acknowledging.

Hi, I’m Samantha with MDT and there are so many reasons why your marketing emails…aren’t working.

  • Deliverability rates
  • Subject lines
  • Call to action

But if you do a quick search for improving email performance, these are all top of the list items.

So here’s some blunt feedback. So here’s a 4th item to consider:

Your emails…are probably boring.

Most likely, you’re designing off of pre-built templates from whatever email platform or marketing automation software you’re using and the content…just isn’t compelling.

You want to boost email performance?

You got to give them something good! Content that your marketing contacts actually enjoy engaging with.

This is the foundational thought behind our Customer Journey division. Helping businesses deliver content that makes their marketing contacts say ‘Wow’.

Because ‘Wow’ moments are going to boost your conversion rates.

You can do this in different ways. It does take work, but…the payoff’s really good.

Creating ‘Wow’ Moments

  • Humor: it takes some real copywriting talent to effectively apply humor, but when done right, you could find that you’re actually building an audience who looks forward to reading your next email.
  • Interactive Content: interactive content like quizzes and games, are terrific at encouraging click-throughs. When using, you want your email message to be simple, clear, and totally focused on driving a click-through to your interactive content.
  • Personalized Video: similar to interactive content, personalized video is a powerful way to compel a click-through action on your email. And when paired with a solution like an animated GIF preview, you’re going to drive big increases in your click-through rates.

Delivering content that marketing contacts enjoy engaging with takes work, no question. But it pays off big time. With a focused effort, well executed effort, you’re going to see click-through-rates jump over 20%. Think of what that would mean for your business.

MDT has been helping businesses like yours build and deploy automated, omni-channel marketing campaigns (including emails) for over 15 years. If you have questions, we probably have answers. Let us help you.

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