Personalized Video Boosts Enrollment Rates

Dear MDT: How can personalized video boost my enrollment rates?

It probably isn’t surprising to hear that video is one of the most engaging pieces of content you can deploy to your prospective students.

Personalized Video

Personalized video is exactly as it sounds.  It’s a video that’s…personalized. And it’s extremely powerful, enabling you to deliver one-to-one video messages to all your contacts automatically, at scale.

How It Works

In the below video shell example we have Samantha, our Marketing Manager, hosting a personalized video. It just needs to be linked to a database to render a final, personalized version. More on that in a minute.
First, let’s run through this video to see some of the unique ways personalization can be applied. To follow along, watch the example video and pause it at the following times:

  • (:03) When using personalized video, it’s important to apply personalization immediately to communicate that ‘this is no ordinary video’. Here we apply a simple text overlay of the recipient’s name.
  • (0:32) Personalized video is a powerful way to show a physical item that is personalized that the recipient is going to receive. It could be an ID card, a booklet, or a diploma. With personalized video, you can make the physical item naturally appear in your video communication, like we do with the Student ID card here.
  • (0:37) The video itself can be variable. In this case, the user expressed interest in Solar Technology, so the video they receive is unique to that program.

Trying it yourself is the best way to see how this solution can amplify engagement.  We’ve setup a web form for you to try out this video.  Try it here:

How Personalized Video Boosts Enrollment Rates 

It is high contrast content that’s unlike anything that other institutions are sending out.  When worked into an automated enrollment optimization campaign, it’s going to stand-out and amplify engagement with prospective students by delightfully surprising them with unique, high-quality content that makes them say, ‘Wow’.  And ultimately, that’s going to increase contact rates and drive more enrollments for your institution.

We’ve got a lot of information on this in our white paper covering enrollment optimization.  Check it out here:

Have questions on personalized video? Feel free to reach out. We’d be happy to help.