Why It’s an Ideal Time to Maximize Your PPC Budget

Don Seaberry

One of the hottest searches in the coming months will include education opportunities. Many people currently out of work include those in hospitality and retail as businesses closed either temporarily or permanently due to COVID-19 restrictions. As these displaced workers consider what they can do to “pandemic proof” their careers, they will likely search for more stable job opportunities in industries that will require additional education and training.

And as they search, the most common place they turn is Google.

While there are other ad platforms available, Google leads the way when it comes to targeted searches and advertising and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) can be your lead generating powerhouse.

Not Just for the Big Players

If you’re an institution that has shied away from PPC, it’s time to reconsider. Perhaps you’ve “heard” that PPC isn’t cost effective. Or, you may have tried to DIY PPC ads in the past only to have dismal results. But it doesn’t mean PPC can’t work for you.

The good news is PPC is effective for schools both large and small when optimized for audience and budget.

  • Budget – Competing with big name schools with massive online ad budgets can be intimidating and may seem like an exercise in futility. The key to maximizing your PPC dollar is through careful demographic targeting and search/keyword selection. Working with a professional online marketing agency that understands how to efficiently direct the ad dollars you have means you’ll see more quality leads.
  • Search – Avoid wasting money on clicks for searches by utilizing proper keywords. Here is where some DIY attempts at PPC fall short, it boils down to optimal keyword choices. Your school may provide HVAC training, but if it appears in a search result for HVAC repair or HVAC installation your keywords are too broad, and it has cost you precious ad dollars.
  • Targeting – Understanding your ideal audience is another key component when it comes to maximizing PPC. Since 88.237 of U.S. and 92.51% of global searches are done on Google, it’s a safe place to start. However, fine tune your campaign further based on for geographic area, interests, and other criteria. There are multiple ways to scale inside Google, such as the Google Display Network and YouTube , which is part of the Google family. It can also become confusing and costly if you are trying to figure it out as you go.

See Results Quickly with Effective PPC Ads

One of the best features of using PPC ads is the ability to see results and make adjustments in a timely manner. Some PPC ads can start generating leads in as little as a day. That doesn’t mean you can simply “set it and forget it”. You should never “set it and forget it”. Ideally, you continue adjusting as campaign data dictates.

If your campaign is managed by a digital marketing agency, they can continue to monitor the activity and adjust accordingly. It may mean shifting the time ads are scheduled, search terms, or frequency. Ideally, a campaign should run at least 90 days in order to get a clear picture of how it is performing.

Why Can’t I See My Ad?

Another misconception about PPC ads is that they “never show up.” If you’ve tried to do a search to get your ad to come up, it most likely didn’t. It’s not that your search was ineffective, there are many other factors at play such as ad scheduling, geographic targeting, and search keyword targeting. You may be outside the geographic area or targeted audience. Budget can also be a factor. Typically, Google will spread out ad impressions, based on ad scheduling and available budget, in order to maximize visibility. If the campaign is constrained because of budget, your ad might not appear every time someone does a search. A professional marketing agency can run these test searches for you and give you clearer results.

Why Use a Digital Marketing Agency?

While Google has a seemingly endless amount of content on managing your PPC campaign, it can also overwhelm an already heavily tasked marketing employee. Understanding the metrics and return on a PPC campaign can be challenging and some data can be skewed or misinterpreted.

A professional online marketing agency can clarify the results and help you pinpoint the ideal formula in terms of budget, audience, online presence, and scheduling.

At MDT Marketing, we believe in total transparency with our clients. We’ll give you an accurate overview of your PPC performance, fine tune accordingly, and help you build a successful campaign. If you’d like to learn more, please contact us today for a complimentary digital audit.