Choosing the Right Marketing Channels Outside Google

Dear MDT: I’ve maxed out my spend on Google Search ads. What is the next play to maximize lead generation?

No question, Google Search is a great starting point for your marketing dollars. Beyond that, there are many different ad platforms to consider.  But which is best for you?

Hey, I’m Samuel, and if you can’t apply any additional budget towards Google Search, the next option depends on your business and targeted demographic.  Considering that, here are some of my top recommendations.

Marketing Channel Recommendation #1: YouTube

One of the biggest is YouTube. Viewers watch 5 billion YouTube videos every day, making it one of the largest websites in the world. Advertising on YouTube is helpful because you can pursue different goals. For example, you can set the algorithm to identify users who are likely to become leads, if you wish to run a lead generation campaign. Also, if you want to maximize brand awareness or reach, you can attract the attention of vast swaths of people. YouTube is helpful when you have a broad audience. Starting from this gigantic userbase, you can select topics, audiences and channels that appeal to your demographic.

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Marketing Channel Recommendation #2: Display

Another great option is Google Display. The Google Display Network serves more than a trillion ad impressions to more than 2 billion users. Similar to YouTube, you can use the Display Network both to capture leads and to circulate your ads to a wide variety of potential buyers. The difference between YouTube advertising and Display advertising, is that Display advertising utilizes static images and runs across a large number of sites. YouTube advertising employs videos to showcase your brand, and only runs on YouTube. Comparable to YouTube, the Display Network is an expansive system that you then drill down to find likely customers.

Marketing Channel Recommendation #3: Pinterest

If a majority of your target buyers are women, Pinterest is a fantastic route to take. The stunning visuals and the cool ideas the platform provides means that Pinterest should be considered. Reddit is worth considering if your demographic is mostly men, as two thirds of its American userbase are dudes. The lively discussion and hilarious memes can help create a passionate fanbase.

Marketing Channel Recommendation #4: TikTok

Young people have a lot of energy, and they are bringing that energy to TikTok with their dances and cosplay. A vast majority of the userbase is under the age of 35.. The most successful advertisers understand the trends and hop on them as soon as they bubble up.

Marketing Channel Recommendation #5: Twitch

Twitch is also very popular among young people. 40% of these gamers are between the ages of 16-24. Live streaming is becoming more popular every day. You can’t miss out on this opportunity if you are looking for a younger demographic.

Marketing Channel Recommendation #6: Facebook

Finally, we get to the largest social media site, Facebook. Facebook’s demographic closely resembles the population. Like YouTube or Display, this route is worth considering if you’re looking for a blue ocean that you can then target more specifically.

When we talk about Facebook marketing, we should keep in mind that Facebook owns Instagram and Whatsapp as well. Almost 2 billion people use Facebook every day. The sheer number of potential buyers here means that you can’t miss out on this platform. On top of that, Facebook’s algorithms and targeting mean that you can show your message to the right person at the right time.

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So beyond Google Search, what’s the next best ad platform for you?  There are a lot of great options, but the best choice is going to come down to knowing your target demo.

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