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Welcome to MDT Marketing


MDT Admin

Notice something different about MDT?

For those who have known us as MDT Direct, you’ve likely noticed a big change in our look and in our web design.  This has been a work in progress for quite some time, so we’re thrilled to finally to say…

Welcome to MDT Marketing.

Our evolution from MDT Direct to MDT Marketing is an important part of our growth, and is meant to underscore our commitment to providing our marketing partners with the most complete digital marketing solutions available today.  Though we are nothing but proud of our MDT Direct history, today we are so much more than the direct mail company we founded 20 plus years ago.

We believe you’ll find our new website clear, concise, and easy to navigate across all devices and browsers.  Ultimately, we hope it will help our customers better understand the extensive range of creative and technology capabilities we bring to bear, all aimed at helping you generate a bigger, better and more effective campaign response.

Ultimately, our vision is to continue to complement our creative problem solving strategies with technologies that extend your reach, increase your marketing productivity and give you better control over your data resources.  In short, we are changing to better serve forward-looking clients like you—clients who embrace change in order to achieve a brighter future.

Welcome to the world of MDT Marketing.  Our name and website have changed.  Our commitment to bringing you the best in digital marketing solutions never will.

Mitch Talenfeld