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Gary Thorup – VP Operations

Who is MDT Marketing?

As owner and CEO Mitch Talenfeld would say, “Damn good question”.

On the surface, it would seem simple to answer: MDT Marketing is a marketing agency.


But “marketing” is such a broad term, particularly in today’s highly fractured landscape of media & technology. How do we more clearly define the value that we deliver to our clients?

At Our Core

MDT is always looking to deliver better solutions.

From our dawning days back in the mid-90s, we recognized the need to accurately quantify the value of our products. Ztrac, our call tracking & monitoring solution for colleges & universities, revolutionized how traditional advertising performance could be accurately validated.

Today, MDT Marketing is known for its digital advertising and marketing technology just as much as the print production that it was founded upon. It wasn’t an intentional transition; our pursuit to solve our clients’ marketing challenges has guided our evolution.

It’s that particular pursuit of betterment that rests at the core of MDT Marketing.

MDT Solves Marketing Challenges

It’s that simple. We solve marketing challenges. It’s in our DNA. When faced with a challenge, we will develop and improve for the sake of our clients’ growth.

Today, MDT delivers growth-oriented marketing solutions via three key paths:
• Digital Advertising
• Marketing Technology
• Production

No matter the solution, our primary goal is to solve complex marketing challenges through cogent and cohesive strategies that promote business growth for our clients. That’s what we do.

Welcome to Our New Look

With our new MDTmarketing.com website, our goal was to clearly express our commitment to solving our clients’ marketing challenges.

We hope you find it thorough, helpful, and clear. We’re excited for it to become a portal for the many businesses around the country who may need a little marketing guidance as they strive to successfully grow.

MDT Marketing is up for the challenge.

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