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Google’s Changes Could Affect Your Website Traffic


Mitch Talenfeld

Google is implementing new changes on their mobile searches beginning on April 21st. With the optimization of their ranking system, any sites that are not mobile-friendly will most likely drop in ranking, therefore appearing in a lower position on mobile Google searches or possibly; not appearing at all.

Why is this important for your website? According to MDT’s internal analysis of school websites, approximately 50% of website traffic is driven through a mobile device. This means, your website could be seeing a major drop in traffic starting this month. People searching for you website on their devices, might not be able to find your business.

Why is Google making these changes? It provides a better consumer experience, making sure every website it shows on its ranks is mobile-accessible and can be browsed without major issues.

It is, therefore, crucial for your website to have a mobile version. How can you make sure your website is mobile optimized for Google purposes? A few tips that could help:

  • Make sure your browser doesn’t need software that is not common for mobiles, such as Adobe® Flash® Player.
  • Make the font legible, so the user does not need to zoom in or scroll horizontally to read the text.
  • Place the links separate enough so that it’s easy to click on the right one.
  • Consult with an SEO specialist that can guide you, ensuring your site is up to date.

Following these tips could ensure that your website stays relevant and accessible to users, available for viewership on mobile searches, and continually delivering a better consumer experience throughout.

Not sure if your website is mobile friendly?  Test your site and learn more tips on mobile optimization and the changes Google will be implementing by following the link: