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Another gold star for For-Profit Education


MDT Admin

In response to all of the attention Congress focused on for-profit education, the state of Minnesota launched its own internal fact finding mission, looking into their for-profit and state run two year colleges. The results of this review were posted last week by the Minnesota Office of Higher Education.

What they found confirms what for-profit institutions have been trying to tell everyone since all of the recent legislative attention began: For-profit education works.

At the conclusion of their study they found, “Students attending one of Minnesota’s for-profit institutions are as likely to be employed one year after graduation as students from public two-year institutions, but pay more for tuition and accumulate more debt than their public-school counterparts. They are less likely to default on their student loans than students at Minnesota’s public two-year institutions. Additionally, median income levels among for-profit students are higher than public two-year students.”

Congratulations to the schools in Minnesota.

Click here for the full Minnesota Office of Higher Education Study.