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Data Verification, Appending, and Standardization

Data Verification, Standardization, and Appending


Jonathan Alexander

Gathering Valuable Data

The first step in capturing an inquiry is getting contact information. It’s proven that asking for minimal info upfront, such as a name and email address only, gets more input than a detailed request for name, phone number, email, and physical mailing address. However, it creates a gap when it comes to fully integrating a multi-channel marketing campaign.

Obtaining a big list of email addresses may not be as valuable as you think if it’s overloaded with incomplete or bogus information. Too often organizations purchase inquiries from vendors only to discover that they’ve paid a premium for a prospect with flawed contact information.

Much like garbage in, garbage out, what may seem like valuable data may not be. That’s where data verification and appending technology makes a difference, both in the quality of inquiries and the cost per inquiry.


The Value of Data Verification

Data Verification: verifying that an email address, phone number or physical address is valid has significant value.

One client who relies on outbound phone calls as part of their marketing strategy found they were receiving inquiries with fake numbers, or in some cases, disconnected numbers. With data verification they can, in real time, determine if the phone is live and connected. Adding this data verification step has saved them a tremendous amount on costs per inquiry and is a significant time-saver since the admissions staff was not wasting time trying to reach contacts that were not real.

We provide this data verification service using legal data resources such as cell phone plan or other information. No private information is accessed, just legitimate public record information that can be shared with the client.


The Value of Data Standardization

Standardization: while this may not sound exciting to the executive level or admissions rep, standardization is extremely valuable to operations.

Everything from how first and last names are listed to post-office compliant address information is set up correctly. Having all information unified across the board speeds up the marketing process, increasing the value of the verified data as it is much easier to use for searches and reporting.

It ensures a higher rate of accuracy in outreach since incomplete information is easier to spot and either correct or remove.


The Value of Data Appending

Data Appending: complementary to verifying and standardizing is our Data Appending service. Just like utilizing public record databases to verify information, the data appending service goes further, providing additional and valuable inquiry info.

B2B businesses can glean stats around social profiles and company information. In the case of student recruitment, a physical mailing address can be matched to a name and phone number.


Valuable Data and the Power of Direct Mail

Direct mail may seem old school in some marketing circles but is surprisingly effective with the high school and college-bound market. Combined with other digital marketing, direct mail is a much less crowded channel and an effective add-on to any marketing campaign.
This age demographic has been saturated with online and digital contact. A physical piece of mail addressed individually to them is a definite attention getter and we’re seeing great response. Integrating some digital elements, such as a QR code on the printed piece keeps it timely for the digital user.

Parents relate well because they are comfortable with direct mail. Instead of an email that can be deleted and forgotten, direct mail pieces have a longer shelf-life. Both the parent and the student may see it, discuss it, and decide to tack it on the fridge where it will be viewed numerous times again.

Getting the maximum value from your data can save you time and money while increasing your conversion rates. Give us a call, we’re happy to answer your questions about Data Verification, Standardization, and Data Appending as effective tools for your marketing campaign. Contact us today!