What We Do Matters


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Don Seaberry – Director of SEM

As a Director of Search Engine Marketing, I live in a world of data. Every day we’re reviewing numbers, running calculations, and identifying opportunities to grow and improve our digital campaigns in order to beat our ROI goals.

But when you go through this exercise every day, it’s often easy to lose sight of what all the hard work means beyond the data. How does all this impact the real world?

I went on a client visit recently.

We took a tour of the campus. We met the Campus Director, the Director of Admissions, and the Admissions teams. The thought struck me, as we walked, that we help to keep these people employed. We walked by classrooms and saw students in those classrooms. The thought struck me, as we walked, that we helped put many of those students in those seats. Finally, we saw a young man about to take his final, hands-on certification test. If he passed that test, he would be able to go out the next day and pursue an in-demand career. I couldn’t help but consider the small, but important role we may have played in helping him get to that life-changing point.

That, my friends, is having an impact. People are able to support their families because of digital marketers. Students are able to get an education. Graduates can gain a skillset that can change their financial picture and set them up for a career. Think about that.

What we do matters. While metrics are important, it is about more than costs per click, click-through rates, and keywords. Every choice that we make has a real impact on someone, somewhere in this world. We can’t take that lightly. What we do means something. That young man who was taking that test was about to change his life for the better. What we do can help people change their lives.

Never forget that and be proud of what we do.

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