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Image of a person working on his laptop and scratching the back of his head with his two hands with a text on the image showing Hard Lessons Learned: The Cost of Working with the Wrong Marketing Agency

Recognizing Unstable Marketing Agencies


Mitch Talenfeld

Some organizations have impressive websites, great social media presence, are masters at entertaining and delivering their pitch, but fail to deliver a consistent return on investment. Don’t let the smoke and mirrors distract you in a hunt for a marketing agency.

Focus on Business Basics

Leadership – Strong, ethical, and transformative leaders are key to a business’ ability to hire and maintain superior teams, which form the foundation of a great company. Without the right leadership, an agency CANNOT sustain itself in the long-term. 

Team – Conversations with team-members and longstanding clients will tell you all you need to know. Listen for inconsistencies in what’s said and what you’ve been told by business leaders. Remember, great people, get frustrated with misalignment, inconsistent values, and change jobs when they can.

#Culture – Dig below the surface. Leadership drives the culture. How does the organization hire? What values do they embrace? And how do they do their business? Below is our agency’s culture document. It will help you form the kinds of questions you can ask when evaluating a business.

Remember, it’s never the WHAT. It’s always the WHO!

TeamMDT’s culture statement