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The difference between emails opened or not opened


MDT Admin

When it comes to marketing campaigns, a one-size-fits-all strategy can feel—well—impersonal. Everyone likes to be recognized for who they are, and to have their interests and buying preferences well understood and appreciated. Enter personalization.

Adding a personal touch to your marketing campaign can spell the difference between an email opened or not opened, a postcard posted on the refrigerator door for follow up action and the postcard just being pitched in the trash. Part of personalization is about grabbing attention, part about demonstrating an understanding of the recipient’s context and addressing his or her concerns, and part about setting the stage for an on-going relationship.

Personalization takes place at the intersection of data prowess and marketing creativity, allowing what might otherwise be an anonymous contact to better reflect the identity, location, demographic profile and personal interests of the consumer.  This process is sometimes referred to as “one to one” marketing, but the reality is that any customer interaction is a golden opportunity for increased personalization.

Personalization creates touch points that are more focused, more appropriate, more comfortable and better able to solve a consumer’s real world problems. So let’s start making it personal.  Next week, we will offer some immediately doable, easy to apply tips on how to make recruitment outreach personal and, by doing so, pump up the impact of a digital marketing campaign.

Stay tuned for our next update, which will contain three great tips on Making it Personal!