Correcting Inaccuracies On Google Business Listings


Marketing Challenge: Information on my Google Business Listing is inaccurate. Can that be fixed? How can we keep inaccuracies from happening in those results?

So here’s some cutting edge insight into Google search results– they’re not always accurate.

I know, it’s shocking.

Sarcasm aside, we’ve noticed that Google is often perceived by our clients as a golden example of perfection. A belief that Google is too big, too smart, too savvy to make mistakes.

But, like any of us, Google does in fact make mistakes, some of which can lead to inaccuracies in your business data.

Our best advice to prevent & fix Google inaccuracies…be proactive.

If you’re proactively checking your Google My Business listing on a regular basis, you’ll have the opportunity to identify inaccuracies without them lingering too long.

How best to do that?

Search for your company on Google. If you have multiple locations, search for each one specifically and see what comes up. Call the phone number that appears and make sure it is still active and directing to the proper location. Confirm the hours are accurate. Check the address, especially for locations that moved within the last year and make sure when you click on the accompanying map the address is still correct and the map itself is plotting a point that accurately shows your location. Once that’s all been done, repeat the process on Bing. Yes, Bing doesn’t carry the market share that Google does, but people still use it and it’s worth having accurate.

What to do when you find an issue?

You’ll need to fix it yourself. You see, one of the challenges behind Google My Business is that much of the information is crowd-sourced; Google relies on your business patrons to report and update information.

To start fixing the inaccuracies, click on the “Suggest an Edit” link at the bottom of your Google My Business listing. From there, you should be able to make most of the edits that you need, especially if you have confirmed ownership of your business listing through Google.

If there’s an issue with the maps or navigation, check the bottom of the map and click “feedback” to suggest the fix.

Keep in mind, Google won’t allow you to update information until they verify it first, so don’t think you can go to your competitor’s listings and put your address in or anything. But you should find that the process of accurately identifying and fixing basic mistakes is quite simple.

Search engines like Google have done a pretty good job of indexing businesses throughout the world, but they aren’t perfect. That’s why companies need to be proactive and make the updates needed to help the search engines be as relevant and up-to-date as possible. They want you to update this information so they are more successful, and you need to update this information to make your business more successful.

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