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Things you need to know about your paid search team


Mitch Talenfeld

Successful online paid search programs require in-depth knowledge of how the search engines determine which ads to run and how frequently to run them.  Most search engine business models operate a real-time auction. Within this auction, the competitive bidding atmosphere is constantly changing, minute by minute, day by day. When you factor in the algorithm changes that are constantly happening as well, it can be tricky to keep a competitive advantage. Some of these changes are minor and some are so major, they require entire campaigns to be overhauled.

Running these search engines are sophisticated algorithms—mathematical equations, with a multitude of variables that will determine your campaigns’ daily success or failure. Some variables impact the equation more than others. Regularly researching the latest updates and analyzing how these changes to the equations are affecting your programs is key to any campaign’s success.

Based on these algorithms, to obtain the best cost per acquisition, one of the important questions you need to ask your paid search agency is whether those focused on your campaigns are great at math. For without being strong analytical thinkers, understanding of the ever-changing variables inside the algorithms that impact cost per click, conversion rates, cost per conversions, is virtually impossible—and your cost per lead will never exceed your competitors whose teams really understand the math.

Winning the Google AdWords or Bing search engine game can be compared to a never-ending game of chess. Except, in this case, the game is much more complex, because as you play, the rules of the game are continually changing.

While you don’t need a Bobby Fischer on your paid search team, a team with great mathematical and analytical minds will often have greater success than a team filled solely with creative marketers.  By combining creative and analytical thinkers, your team can imagine, execute and optimize; creating the greatest potential for paid search success.

In summation:  Math minds + creative marketers + ongoing search engine algorithm research = paid search success.