How to Scale an In-House SEO Team


Have you ever wondered where experts get their inside information on Google’s search engine updates and how future algorithm updates affect your paid search and organic campaigns?  A great place to start is at Pubcon Las Vegas and that is where MDT will be the second week of October.

Pubcon is the ultimate conference to attend if your focus is on learning how to maximize your ROAS through optimizing your digital advertising and social media campaigns.  As noted on their website Pubcon was, “named a Forbes must-attend conference and an Inc. top conference for growing your business.” In addition Pubcon “features the industry’s leading businesses, start-ups, speakerskeynotes, exhibitors, and sponsors involved in social media, digital marketing, search engines, and online advertising.”

Alongside other industry experts in search and social, MDT’s Peter Leshaw, Director of Internet Marketing Strategies, will be included on a panel with the search managers from Home Depot and Microsoft where they will be discussing techniques for scaling an In-House SEO team.

Those who attend Pubcon’s conference in Las Vegas can expect the following:
  • Information directly from Google about new features in the Penguin algorithm which can affect your search rankings
  • Information about the best practices and ways to help grow your in-house SEO team presented by the experts who run the search strategies at,, and MDT Marketing.
  • Key takeaways that will help to transform your digital advertising and social media campaigns into profitable lead sources.
  • A long list of professionals who know more about something in digital marketing than you do
  • Opportunities to meet and network with MDT Marketing’s CEO, Director of Call Tracking, and Director of Internet Marketing
How Do MDT’s Clients Benefit from Pubcon Las Vegas 2016?

MDT Marketing will be attending various masters training sessions, keynotes, exclusive speaker and networking events so you don’t have to. Through all of the sessions that MDT plans on attending while at Pubcon, MDT will compile a long list of fresh strategies which can be implemented to improve MDT clients’ campaign performances as well as to keeps their strategies ahead of the constant changing landscape of the search engine result pages.

There will be 3 key team members from MDT attending Pubcon. They are:

If you plan on attending Pubcon, MDT would like to meet you.  We are all thought leaders and strategists who enjoy good conversations centered on “what you need to succeed” and how we can make that happen for you.

Information about Peter Leshaw’s session details at Pubcon Las Vegas 2016

Scale an In-House SEO Team

Tuesday October 11
11:25a – 12:30p PST

Salon H –  Las Vegas Convention Center

Whether you are bringing services in house or just ramping up, this session will look at how to scale up an in-house marketing team. Learn how only two individuals in a central marketing group manage the all-up SEO program for a large, decentralized enterprise like Microsoft, with hundreds of independently-managed websites and billions of web pages across 80+ markets and 30+ languages.

Peter Leshaw, Director of Internet Marketing, MDT Marketing
Erin Everhart, Senior Manager, Media Strategy & Mobile, The Home Depot
Derrick Wheeler, Senior Search Engine Optmization Architect, Microsoft

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